June 3, 2014

Join us at Day Camp!

Sheridan Beacons has 25 spots left for FREE day camp next week at YMCA Camp Robinson!

June 9th-13th

At Day Camp you can hike through wooded trails, study the wonders of nature and canoe along lake shores.  Enjoy activities including archery, lake swimming, kayaking, fishing, group games and so much more!

 Camp Guy Robinson is located in Oak Grove, MN about a 30 minute drive from Sheridan Elementary.  
Beacons staff accompanying young people to camp.
Buses leave from North Community YMCA & NE YMCA.

Camp is free and is first come first serve!
 Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00

Please print, fill out and return forms as soon as possible

click here for day camp forms!

forms can be emailed to sheridanbeacons@gmail.com or dropped of at Sheridan Beacons Center

April 25, 2014

Healthy Living Day at Sheridan Beacons

In partnership with the University YMCA,  Sheridan Beacons had a exhilarating day dedicated to health and fitness.   University YMCA students planned and prepared three different stations for Sheridan Beacons young people to experience:  healthy wrap making, gardening and learning some new dance moves.  Young people learned different ways to be a YMCA healthy kid, tried new foods and got to move their bodies, all the while created strong relationships with college students.  Thank you University YMCA volunteers for an amazing day! 

April 11, 2014

Ladders of Leadership at Sheridan Beacons

Ladders of Leadership at Sheridan Beacons

Sheridan Beacons is made up of AMAZING leaders!   A few of our AMAZING leaders have been chosen to be mentors to our Kindergartners in our reading buddies program!  Twice a week a group of 3rd-5th graders reads to their kindergarten buddy for a half hour. With this increased responsibility they have developed strong positive relationships with younger Beacons students, inspiring them to grow up and be leaders like them.    
Shout out to these amazing students and their hard work!

March 3, 2014

Be the Difference

Give to the Y Healthy Kids Matter program today!!!!

Y Healthy Kids Matter strives to address and reduce childhood obesity, improve community health and wellness and engage both youth and families around living a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Y Healthy Kids Matter pilot program is in its first year and serves approximately 20 youth in 3rd-5th grade at Sheridan Elementary School in Minneapolis and is a collaboration between the Beacons Network and the University YMCA. A team of nine college student volunteers with health-related majors spent a semester developing the model and strategies as an extension of the Y’s Healthy Kids Initiative, and have continued on for an additional semester of the implementation phase of the project.

At Sheridan, college student mentors act as positive role models for young people and build meaningful relationships with both youth and their families. As these relationships solidify, the college student mentors engage with their mentees to build a positive view of the young person’s personal future. Mentors work with youth in small and large groups, engaging them in hands-on curriculum and activities focused on health, nutrition, wellness and physical fitness from a holistic approach.

What We Need & What You Get

We hope to expand and improve our program in 2014 in these exciting ways!
  • More healthy cooking activities
  • Expand into middle schools and high schools
  • Upgrade our kitchen supplies
  • Field trips (community gardens, farmers markets, grocery stores and co-ops, etc.)
  • Host a 'Family Cooking Night'

The Impact

Among Minnesota’s children, 11.1% are obese or overweight. Many of the Minneapolis Public Schools have decreased or eliminated time during the school day for physical education. As young people are engaged in less physical activity in school, they are less focused in their classes during the school day. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people. Y Healthy Kids will strive to make an impact in the following ways:
  • Laying the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle
  • Young people try new foods and exercises
  • Provide high quality after-school opportunities
"I love everything about Beacons but I really love meeting college students. They teach us how to be healthy and to make good choices. I see myself going to college too and being able to lead Beacons clubs." - a Y Healthy Kids Matter Participant

Click on the link below to make a difference in the lives of young people at Sheridan Beacons!!!!


Sheridan Beacons thanks you for your support!

February 20, 2014

Sheridan Beacons is now hiring for a Unit Coordinator for Kindergarten through 2nd grade

The Unit Coordinator (formally known as a Unit Lead) wears many hats at our Beacon.  They are a coach and mentor to program staff, they are resources for youth and a representative of our Beacon to families, school and community members.  Unit Coordinators keep program running smoothly by helping prepare schedules, maintaining group rosters, supporting youth workers with ideas, resources and behavior support.  Unit Coordinators must be flexible, organized and an excellent leader. 

This is a part time 20-30 hours a week position during the school year

(M-TH 11AM-5PM, F 11AM-3PM) 

Starting at $13.00/HR based on experience


Some of the Unit Coordinators responsibilities include

§  Assist the Program Director with the planning, supervising, and implementation of the program and program activities. 

§  Assist in the promotion of the program including calendars, newsletters, and other forms of communication with parents and the community.

§  Provide work direction to program staff while on duty, assisting the Program Director with supervision and training.

§  Continuously evaluate the program and recommend needed changes to the Program Director.

§  Make ongoing systematic observations and evaluations of each child.

§  Ensure that the site is kept clean and organized.

§  Perform administrative activities to support the program, including record and file maintenance, registration, release forms, and emergency forms.



This position reports directly to the School Success Program Director.  The individual interacts with participants, parents, staff, school employees, and the community.  The Unit Coordinator has regular contact with children and parents. This position involves interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
How to Apply
Location in application says Coon Rapids YMCA (Emma B. Howe) School Success  Program Coordinator.  This is our home branch.  Our Beacons program is located Sheridan Elementary School at 1201 University Ave NE in Minneapolis.
Call the Beacons office at 612-331-9160

January 8, 2014

Want an AMAZING job working with AMAZING young people? Work with us at Sheridan Beacons!


Program Staff

Program staff are the heart of our Beacon.  Youth workers are mentors, role models, allies and educators. They run the groups and keep the youth engaged and having fun.  We encourage people to apply who have specialized skills that they can teach the youth (like dance, music, computer skills, art...you name it)!  You don't have to have a special skill to work with us, as long as you are invested the success of young people, Beacons could be the place for you!  Our groups are split between two units: K-2nd grade and 3-5th grade. 
(Part time 15-25 hrs per week.  Sample Schedule: M-Th 12:30 pm-5 pm) October-May

Here are some of the primary responsibilities:
1. Plan and run your own group of 10-15 kids during program (Monday-Thursday, 1-5pm) or support artists/community partners while they run group.  
2. Answer telephone and answer questions or take messages.
3. Interact and maintain positive relationships with community partners, volunteers, Beacons staff, families, youth, school and district staff.
4. Deliver programming based on positive youth development principles and the YMCA's Four Core Values (Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility)
5. Make sure that the center is kept clean and organized.
6. Be a part of an ongoing process with youth and your colleagues to build and develop your skills as a youth worker.
7. Work as a team with your unit and center cohesively.
8. Implement a curriculum (as an individual / assigned) with an objective for young people.
9. Support program with general administrative responsibilities like taking attendance, giving surveys and some data entry.
10. Provide a fun and safe enjoyable experience to all program participants and partners/staff.

Location in application does say Coon Rapids YMCA (Emma B. Howe) BUT our program is located in NE Minneapolis at Sheridan Elementary school.  

October 14, 2013

Beginning of Fall Beacons!

Welcome to the Fall Beacons session!
It's exciting to see returning staff and students and new faces join Beacons this year. Staff has been training extensively at Camp Ihduhapi and the North Community YMCA to prepare for Beacons Leadership Camp and program. Sheridan Beacons' students took time to enjoy the beautiful October weather chalking it up, playing kickball, creating masks and making friends.What was your favorite fall Beacon activity?